Snake Kung Fu: Sly, Dangerous, and Deadly Accurate

Snakes are sly, and potentially vicious animals who use increased sensitivity and full-body awareness to catch prey and protect from attacks. The snake is a creative hunter that will coil its body, causing power and speed.

Every muscle is used to move, press, cover, permeate, and kill its prey. It's no surprise why both the southern and northern Chinese Shaolin Temple schools embraced the snake as both a metaphor, and an actual fighting example.

The snake battling design is a kind of Shaolin Boxing. It translates into English as "snake fist", and is commonly known as Fanged Snake Style, and Snake Boxing. Find more info on baltimore muay thai .

The fluid motion of the snake is used to strike opponents from unanticipated angles, and is very useful for Chinese short sword and spear training. Various styles copy various snakes. For instance, some copy pythons, others copy the Cobra. It depends on what school is teaching the art: southern or northern.

Northern Snake Kung Fu

The northern technique utilizes the rattling and whipping power of the spinal column, which connects to the fingers, and allows for a strong strike. Southern snake training often utilizes the Chinese brief sword and spear. The style also uses spears and swords designed with a back and forth curve down the length of the blade that resembles a snake.

Southern Style

The Southern Shaolin Temples were understood as snake temples. Other than green bamboo viper, there are the shadow snake, water snake, golden snake, and king cobra snake styles. All 5 make up the southern snake kung fu martial art.

General Fighting Style

To form the "snake hand", you extend all four fingers into a spear like point. Just like a snake, you can navigate the snake hand up and down, or side to side while blocking. The snake hand allows you to obstruct and strike at the same time.




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